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Decortica - The Contrast at The Seam

Reviewed by Ben on 20th December 2006

Hefty words to use in an opening blurb to a review - but picture this if you will; small three piece band who are perhaps the most humble people you're ever going to be graced presence with. Add to that their sense of direction, a band who know what they want and collectively have high ambitions.

So, what's the clincher? How about a voice that, quite frankly, sounds at times the second coming of Jeff Buckley. With guitar parts that not simply nod to Grace, but nigh on outright compete with the works of the dearly missed Messr. Buckley. It's no easy feat many a music journalist will tell you, but I'm willing to attest that mere fact to the very grave.

With their four track EP, some of the vibrant efforts played live are missing; a criminal act to some would be the omission of favorite Red Sky, however one has to listen to the EP in it's entirety to understand this is simply not a run of the mill gathering of tracks to showcase a band's ability and sound - the flow from start to finish seemingly works in the favor of that of a small album. From opening track of Devil And Sea with vocalist Matt Bosher hitting those soring high vocal points with ease, through to the haunting final track Barebones with it's semi-acoustic guitar and apt use of the bongo drum as the percussive instrument, it works in favor for the listener - I for one couldn't skip tracks, listening to the EP as an ensemble piece rather than one or two tracks.

Being pushed, however, Gravity would be the popular track of choice to the masses, with it's cry-baby wah pedal introduction and it's crashing overdrive moments, it could easily find it's way onto commercial radio if given the chance.

If you're a Kiwi, go see this band live. If you're based in Europe, keep a close, close eye on this band; they're destined for something special

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.decortica.com


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