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The Kut - Demo

Reviewed by Dave on 4th April 2007

The Kut demo consists of three tracks from the band’s upcoming album ‘Lies My Mother Told Me’ which will be out later this year and the tracks are full of promise for a strong debut from the four-piece all girl band from London.

I’m not sure what I was expecting from The Kut, perhaps something like the horrible nasal vocals and bad guitar riffs of Sleater Kinney, you see most girl bands are pretty terrible (sweeping sexist statements for the win!) so The Kut are somewhat like four diamonds in the rough.

Each of the songs on the demo is pretty distinctive; although they all share a common soulful sound with some excellent bass riffs and always silky smooth vocals from Maha.

By far the best song on the demo is ‘Don’t Want You’ the combination of Maha’s sultry vocals with a simple yet effective guitar riff and some brilliant bass hooks from Elvira weave together to create a gorgeous, soulful song that will stick in your head for days.

With a debut album scheduled for later this year watch out for The Kut, they are a bit good and will no doubt be doing very well indeed in the not so distant future.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.myspace.com/thekutgirlsrock


Gravatar Kristian says:-

I totally love The Kut! I am their biggest fan! You are totally spot on Dave, maybe see you upfront at their next gig! ; D

14th April 2007 @ 01:20:27 GMT

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