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Fifth Shade of Perfect - Radio Russia

Reviewed by Dave on 10th May 2007

Radio Russia is a seven track album from the as yet unsigned Fifth Shade of Perfect, a Leeds based three piece band who count amongst their influences ¡Forward, Russia!, Muse, Nirvana and The Klaxons.

FSP manage to mix grunge, indie and prog rock quite seamlessly and each of the seven songs sounds a little bit different, displaying a fair amount of talent and quite often reaching if not surpassing the bars set by the bands they cite as influences.

My personal favourite song from the album is ‘The Light’ which despite some often shaky vocals is quite an impressive song. It sounds very soulful and the simple guitar riff lends itself perfectly to the style of the song, the song itself sounds something that Hey Edison or Heads We Dance might record if they were a bit darker and into grunge.

‘Drip Dry’ sounds like The Fratellis having sex with The Vines and is a fast paced, loud affair that feels much shorter than it is, you get the sense that FSP have managed to condense about 10 minutes worth of song into 3 minutes, its impressive. ‘D’ilya Rodina’ is another fast paced track that again has echoes of The Fratellis but also manages to conjure up images of what ¡Forward, Russia! might sound like on speed.

The songs on ‘Radio Russia’ are varied in their sound and influences and show that Fifth Shade of Perfect have a lot to offer a music industry that is in dire need of some innovation, annoyingly hard to categorise or pigeon hole FSP managed to just simply be that damn good.

Rating: 10/10
Website: www.myspace.com/fifthshadeofperfect


Gravatar Sean Bean says:-

I have heard this group before, when they appeared at the Vine last December 2006. Good, original, passionate and soulful, this band will do a Sheffield Arctic Monkey's with the right backing. Listen carefully to the lyrics because of nothing else they hit you in base of your spine. They are well in advance of thier tender years, they's kids will go far.

13th May 2007 @ 20:02:38 GMT

Gravatar eve ibbotson says:-

woohoo i have know this band since it started and i know how much they love doing this so yay thank you for a fabulous review we wont hear the end of it now
e x

14th May 2007 @ 10:23:32 GMT

Gravatar Helen says:-

they b awesome they b n they nice in person sometimes too... sometimes *narrows eyes*

love you in the face... twice xxx

17th May 2007 @ 14:26:32 GMT

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