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Heads We Dance - Sampler

Reviewed by Dave on 10th February 2008

The Heads We Dance Sampler features three tracks from the Leeds based pop quartet, who also happen to be possibly one of the most stylish new bands around at the minute.

The three songs on the sampler are all tour de forces of retro-pop magic, opening song ‘Love in the Digital Age’ has become a staple of the band’s live shows and it’s easy to see why, its catchy, it’s fun and its endearingly ‘80s.

‘Work it Out’ is equally as catchy, slower than ‘Love in the Digital Age’ it is still very ‘80s, throughout the song Pierre’s vocals are quite amazing, in fact there is such a range shown through these three different songs that it would be difficult not to be impressed by the vocals.

Final song ‘You Are Never Alone With Model 21’ is a charming song about, I presume, a robot built with the sole purpose of filling the hole left by a loved one, there is a wonderful line in the chorus that goes “So don’t cry for him or for her, you can buy model 21” it’s just brilliant. There is even a gloriously ‘80s guitar solo.

Having seen Head We Dance live on a few occasions I can comfortably say that there is little difference between HWD on record and live, live there is a definite passion in their performance and the band manage to convey that passion even on record.

Clearly Heads We Dance are going to be a band to watch, they are different enough to stand out from the pack and accessible enough not to alienate everyone, in fact I would say they have a very broad appeal.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.myspace.com/headswedance


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