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The Clouded Lights - Demo

Reviewed by Dave on 20th April 2008

Site regulars will no doubt remember my rather controversial review of The Clouded Lights’ appearance at Joseph’s Well way back in May 2006 and the uproar that it caused from the band’s fan base.

The band recently sent me their demo, and to be honest having heard them live I thought I knew what to expect; unimaginative lyrics droned out to an uninspiring guitar riff and maybe somewhere a fifteen minute bass solo and that goddamn tambourine, yet I was quite pleasantly surprised by this four track demo.

The opening track ‘Role Models’ is a light and breezy indie anthem, it’s simplicity is what makes it enjoyable and the somewhat lilting vocals are reminiscent of Morrissey in The Smiths era, even in its quicker parts the song still seems lazy and relaxing. Although it’s not going to leap out at you and make you think “yeah, this is amazing” it’s not really something you could dislike.

The closing song ‘England Moans’ is a jaunty social critique about the state of England, which according to the tabloids is going to the dogs. It’s quite a good track to end the demo on as, despite the subject being somewhat melancholic the song itself is rather upbeat and the vocals have a pleading, earnest quality about them.

Sandwiched between these two tracks is the rather jolly ‘(Show me Your) Lazy Smile’, with its quick pace and catchy hook it’s quite easy to start tapping your foot along without knowing you are doing it.

In short the demo, which was recently made demo of the week on Steve Lamacq’s BBC Radio 6 show, shows that the band has grown in the past two years and have vastly improved in style and delivery and I think I can now probably stop avoiding their gigs.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.myspace.com/thecloudedlights


Gravatar dave lee travis says:-

nice review mate, fair comments

i think this demo proves how much the clouded lights have improved over the course of the last year and half/2 years, if the new songs can be any sort of improvement on this demo then things could start to happen for them, we'll see

21st April 2008 @ 13:07:23 GMT

Gravatar Dean Aspley says:-

Really good review for The Clouded Lights. They deserve recognition, fair comments.

22nd April 2008 @ 21:38:24 GMT

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