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FeverDogg - n/a

Reviewed by Helen on 2nd May 2008

Dozens and dozens of bloody awful demos land on my doorstep every month, but I don't review them. It's not that they're precisely awful. They just all sound exactly the same. It's hard to think up an imaginative review when TeenAngst sounds like WeepingSoloist sounds like GenericEmo sounds like KateNashWannabe. What a reviewer wants is a band worth actively seeking out - a band like FeverDogg, for example.

Jimmy Brewer has always been one to watch. He's well known in his area for killer guitar solos and excellent original tracks, and has been for years. What's more, he just keeps on getting better and better. You'll see him at a party, snuggled into a corner quietly playing a guitar, and you know you've never heard anyone play guitar so well in your life. A year later, you're at a similar party, and Jimmy's sitting in a similar corner with the same guitar. You don't get deja vu though. Not at all. Because Jimmy has somehow managed to improve upon perfection again.

FeverDogg's MySpace tracks sound like they've been recorded in someone's basement - in fact, they probably were - but that's how the underground should sound, right? Like many bands, they're tight, technically skilled and well-intentioned - but unusually, they know what to do with it. Like many bands, they have edge: but their edge lies not in fashion-hugging temporary coolness but in the ability to use tried and tested classic sounds in a new and innovative way.

There isn't one particular track that stands out, because they all do. Watch this space.

Rating: 10/10
Website: www.myspace.com/feverdoggband


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