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Karloff - Monster's Ruin

Reviewed by Andreas on 28th June 2003

There are times when you hear music that just...hits you. Which is the exact opposite of what I experienced when listening to this. This is quite awful, I must say.

Karloff are a band from Aberdeen from what I can gather. With a name like Karloff (I'm guessing they took it from Boris Karloff...) and song titles like "Leave me with the thorns", you sort of know what to expect. Gothy metal or the like. And yes, that is what you get streaming out of the speakers.

The four songs featured are all very monotonous, uninspired and dull. It sounds like they haven't spent too much time fretting over arrangement and the like. Only way to tell them apart is to pay a lot of attention, or listen out for the one song with the organ-y synth. The mix is quite muddy too, apart from the vocals it's hard telling the instruments apart.

Songs, like I remarked, are not their strong point. The only stand out song is "Leave me with the Thorns", and even that is quite awful to listen to. Suitable intro though, that organ thing. "Hellhouse", "Nasty" and "Nightstomped" would go over better in a dingy biker bar than they did with me. Karloff's take on gothic metal is just wrong, really. I think they're trying to be early Paradise Lost/death metal-y, but they fail oh so terribly at it. The riffs, the drums, the galloping beat, and not least the vocalist are all quite clichéd and just cringe worthy. I can honestly say that it's all crap, it doesn't matter that the guitarist/s are able players - he/they (I reckon that girls are smarter than to ever think of joining a band like this) only make this demo worse.

This lot ought to be jumpin' about in capes and plastic fangs, not making music.

Rating: 0/10
Website: www.kultkarloff.com


Gravatar andreas says:-

I wish I still had the hatemail these guys sent me.

19th March 2006 @ 03:03:00 GMT

Gravatar A Fiend Without A Face says:-

Ha ha!

6th April 2006 @ 09:51:07 GMT

Gravatar Me says:-

You suck

[Don't you just love constructive comments? - BobEd]

26th April 2006 @ 13:19:22 GMT

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