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Easyworld (Mutterfly + X is Loaded)

King Tuts, Glasgow on 14th January 2004
Reviewed by Bob on 18th January 2004

Tonight, with Scottish weather at it's best (rain, snow etc...), a busy King Tuts await easyworld! Currently in the middle of a 31 date tour (see news item) promoting new single, 'til the day - released 19th January and new album Kill the Last Romantic - released 2nd February. Although it's not the busiest I've seen King Tuts it was still relatively packed! There were three bands on the bill...


First up were the local band Mutterfly, from Edinburgh (not all members though...) kicking off the night with their rocky tunes and lively stage presence. Bouncing from song to song and advertising copies of their new EP 'Better Days' are for sale, I have "the last one" [they had with them that night] which will be reviewed at a later date on rawkstar.net. They have a good set of songs to play tonight and a promising performance from this four piece.

Rating: 6/10
Website: www.mutterfly.com

X Is Loaded

Screaming guitars, loud vocals pouncing into their set are X Is Loaded, these Bath-based rockers are another loud and exciting band on tonight's set. The guitarist seems quite angry with his guitar, shaking and strangling it. Nice set list with a variety of good songs, the crowd like them and the band and crowd are enjoying themselves.

Rating: 6/10
Website: www.xisloaded.com


Finally, the band we're all here to see tonight! Easyworld take to the stage! A well dressed Dav starts the show off with upbeat number and title track from the new album, Kill The Last Romantic, they then slowed the pace down for Saddest Song they kept the mellow pace almost the entire set with a few more exciting songs, This Is Where I stand and When You Come Back.

I really like easyworld but tonight they were a bit too mellow, they need some more powerful songs in the set, notably Junkies, their top 40 hit, which was missing from the set tonight! Come on easyworld, you can do better than that!!

There was no encore, probably due to a non-enthusiastic audience and some annoying drunks, 'it was funny the first time', who never shut up... Oh well.

  • Kill The Last Romantic
  • Celebrity Killer
  • Saddest Song
  • Drive
  • This Is Where I Stand
  • 'til The Day
  • Armistice
  • Stain To Never Fade
  • Don't Expect You To Notice
  • Tonight
  • When You Come Back...
  • Goodnight

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.easyworldinfo.com

An odd choice of support bands for easyworld that worked well, angsty rock (mutterfly) to gothy-rocky (X Is Loaded) band then the pop-rock easyworld. Altogether an enjoyable gig. I'll definitely be checking out the other two bands on show tonight!


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