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DDG Night #7

Dr Drakes Bar, Shiprow, Aberdeen on 2nd January 2004
Reviewed by Michael on 9th February 2004

Pre-gig was as always in Drakes, a period where nothing happens between the door opening and the first band going on..however, it was a welcome surprise to see a full PoO take the stage.

Point of Origin

I think it's safe to say that I was pleasantly surprised by Point, who's blend of punk is something that would actually get me paying to see them again, despite not being my kind of thing. I was expecting the worst, but came away having felt as if they were a worthy (and last minute) addition to the lineup. They did seem to be really nervous on stage, but still managed to pull it off without any disasters.
They were basic, the riffs sounded familiar, but they were entertaining, which is what it's all about. Regardless if you like the genre or not, you should definitely try and see them if you can, solely for the entertainment. I do wonder if the fact that the capacity crowd had anything to do with it, however.

Rating: 6/10
Website: www.pointoforiginrock.com

Flight 19

I've seen Flight 19 before and I wasn't particularly impressed, but this time round they seemed more entertaining, perhaps because they're 'fresh' after being on a several months break due to a member being away at University?
I have to admit that although their brand of punk sounds exactly like your average American punk band, it still is entertaining provided it's kept short. There's not really that much you can say about them, but at the end of the day they're a decent support act. I don't have much faith (although, the fact that they've got two EP's out says otherwise) in their ability to be headlining gigs throughout the UK, but they may be able to find themselves a niche as a support band. That's not to say they're bad, it's just that they seem to lend themselves better to supporting an act rather than following an act.

Rating: 5/10
Website: www.takeoff.to/flight19

The X-Certs

The X-Certs
What can you say about The X-Certs that hasn't been said before? They were off the planet compared to the other two bands, and hearing the crowd (and it literally was a crowd - the venue was sold out) sing along to Into The Silence was a particular high point of the night.
I don't think it's possible to lavish enough praise on The X-Certs, and so, it's not possible to say very much. They have presence beyond their years, the music sounds as if they've spent forever refining it, and they highly deserve their label as one of the most talented local bands out there. If they come near you, I recommend them entirely. The X-Certs fucking rule, end of.

Rating: 10/10
Website: www.geocities.com/thexcerts

The X-certs are one step ahead of most bands in Aberdeen, and it's safe to say that they should be challenging for world domination sooner rather than later. Flight 19 seem stale these days, but I'm sure that they'll continue being mainstays of the Aberdeen scene for a while yet. Point of Origin are promising, and I fully expect them to become popular on a limited scale.


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