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Biffy Clyro

Garage, Oslo on 8th May 2005
Reviewed by Andreas on 14th May 2005

Garage in Oslo, Norway is the place all the up-and-coming indie bands play, usually. Whenever the latest NME-crush does a tour of northern Europe, Garage is where they tend to end up. This is the second time Biffy Clyro visit Norway, and sadly the word of the great Biffy's arrival has not been spread enough, for the venue is very sparsely populated. Having played in the larger venues across the UK lately, coming to Norway must be a bit of a let down for the band in that respect.

However, that doesn't stop Biffy from sonically smashing up the place. Opening with the excellent "Glitter and trauma" from their latest album, "Infinity Land" they test the hearing of yours truly, who might have gone slightly deaf as a result of vocalist/guitarist Simon Neil's guitar pedals. They are loud (!), something that becomes very apparent in songs like "The kids from kibble and the fist of light" and "Bodies in flight", as the band quickly run through a set consisting of the finest in angular, heavy-hitting Scottish rock.

Anyone who's ever been to a Biffy show in Britain will have been acquainted with the strange entity that is Biffy's cult-following. Their fans are insane! And they can also sing along to every song Biffy Clyro have ever written, and unlike so many or cult-followings, they do so in tune. This makes it a heartening sight to see four people in Oslo scream along to Biffy's early songs, as they are battered out of beaten-up equipment. "Joy. Discovery. Invention" and "Justboy" are still as lovely as they were in 2002 when Biffy slammed onto the scene with their debut album "Blackened Sky".

And it is, as usual, the fan-favourite "57" off of the previously mentioned debut album that closes Biffy's second ever concert in Norway, with a total of 8 people shouting "HEY!!!!!!". Small, yet amazing.

The only negative comments I can make about this gig is that they left some songs out, for instance the excellent "Wave upon wave upon wave" and "27", but beggars can't be choosers; it's not every day that decent bands actually visit Norway.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.biffyclyro.com

I had an excellent time, largely due to the fact that Biffy are one of the current bands that actually make music progress, as opposed to all the groups that are insistent on making music that sounds like it could have been released in 1970... If you haven't seen Biffy live, you've missed out.


Gravatar Matt says:-

I was 1 of the 4. It was a great gig. I'm going to see them in Glasgow and imagine there will be more than 20 people there this time.

4th January 2007 @ 16:13:10 GMT

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