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Rockefeller, Oslo on 16th February 2006
Reviewed by Andreas on 25th February 2006

In 1999, Alex Moklebust shouted out the last chorus of Seigmen, and brought a decade-long career to a tearful end.

Seigmen were the leader of all Norwegian rock bands throughout the 1990s. They sang in their native tongue, and their mix of influences ranging from Depeche Mode and The Cure to later industrial music and grunge let them create 5 riveting rock albums. From the metal-y debut "Pluto" to the 'concept-album' final bow "Radiowaves" they revitalised Norwegian rock - a scene prone to incest and dullness on even a good day. In 1999 they decided to call it a day and toured one last time. It's been 7 years, but in that year of the lord 2006 they are back. No one knows for how long, but a trip down memory lane is always welcome, is it not?

Having missed the opening act, The Apple Falls, (I am told they sound like Joy Division...) I went straight to the bar and then to the front. A large white sheet covered the stage. Drama, I think. I am quite correct as Seigmen's theatrical flair displays itself in the form of moody intro music and gorgeous animation. Never mind that it was basically the same animation they used 7 years ago, it was glorious. As the last notes of the scene-setting "Monument" faded out, the outline of people with guitars (always a promising sign) are lit up. Then, with a bang, the screen falls revealing the band in full motion.

Words are slightly redundant when it comes to the case of Seigmen. Especially, perhaps, when trying to communicate the importance of the band to non-Norwegians. Having a band sing in Norweigan and be successful is a rarity, especially when it comes in a shape and form as interesting and outright cool as Seigmen.

Ever the performers, the band kick their way through massive, ritualistic songs like "Ohm", "Fra X til Doden" and their number 1 single, "Metropolis" they have the audience in their full grasp. The gig was long, the hits many, and every word was sung by a most appreciative audience.

The world needs more bands like Seigmen, you know, bands that make you think that goth music might not be such a bad idea. Furthermore, we need more bands who can put their faith in their own performance and songwriting ability like this band do. They will have a dvd out shortly, I suggest you buy it and love it.

Rating: 10/10
Website: www.seigmen.com

Simply great.


Gravatar Robert Fogwell says:-

Seigmne is the best band ever. Yeah. And I am a non-Norwegian and can see the talent in them.

16th March 2006 @ 16:57:07 GMT

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