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Soulfly (Support: Djingo)

The Cockpit, Leeds on 10th June 2006
Reviewed by Ben on 11th June 2006

Hooray! On a weekend where most metal fans are basking in the sun, pondering if Guns 'n' Roses will actually turn up for their headline slot at the Download Festival in Castle Donnington, those of us unlucky not to score a ticket were fortunate to see Max Cavalera et al. play a very... very sweaty set at Leeds Cockpit. Supporting them this time around (this being the third time I've seen them) where local band Djingo


Hailing from Leeds, Djingo claim that they're a combination of Stuck Mojo, Metallica and Bio Hazard. For me, however, they seemed very reminiscent of Phil Anselmo front a band in the vein of Discharge. Their riffs were very punk-meets-sludge metal driven, with lead singer Dono in complete control of the small-yet-energetic mosh pit ensuing within the Cockpit. Songs like Scar Tissues and Square Up To A Big Man provided fitting head-bang scores for those eager to see Max. With a lesser band headlining, Djingo should of stolen the show - however the majority of the venue stood back eagerly awaiting Soulfly.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.myspace.com/djingo


Coming on stage to their trademark mist, Max Cavalera's throat-ripping vocals combined with the always ominous presence of Marc Rizzo and Bobby Burns turned the Cockpit upside down. Bursting forth with tracks such as Prophecy, Living Sacrifice and Sepultura crowd favourite Roots Bloody Roots, the crowd was treated to tracks from Soulfly's latest album, Dark Ages, such as Frontlines and Babylon. Rizzo was on top form, provided a momentary rest for the crowd with his guitar solo, until Cavalera came back and ripped through a rendition of another Sepultura classic, Refuse/Resist, leaving die hard fan of Cavalera pondering what could top that. After teasing [/i]JumpDaFuckUp[/i] into Bring It, those fans were rewarded when the band played an almost flawless rendition of Nailbomb's (Max's hugely popular side project with Fudge Tunnel's Alex Newport) Cockroaches.

The relentless assault never let up, with Fire somewhat slowing the crowd down, the introduction of step-son Ritchie kicked in the bands first hit, Bleed, which in turn ushered Tree of Pain. Max thanked all of us for turning up even though Download was happening (and apparently, causing controversy...), as the band finished with Hootie and the Blowfish hating No and closed with their major anthem, Back To The Primitive.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.soulflyweb.com

In a venue this size, with the band playing Download the day before and thus bringing an uneasy thought of exhaustion with them, and with it being a 14+ gig, expectations were never through the roof. Soulfly, however, delivered the goods, blew the roof off and proved once again that the somewhat flailing body of Metal still has some life left in it - at least, in it's hair-thrashing head


Gravatar Dave says:-

I told you it would be sweaty as hell, we don't call it the Sweatpit for nothing.

Also, don't you think the accoustics are horrible?

11th June 2006 @ 21:53:41 GMT

Gravatar Ben says:-

I think the acoustics weren't to bad for a gig that noisy :P

But yeah, it was HELLA sweaty

12th June 2006 @ 11:55:55 GMT

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