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The Hidden Cameras, My Latest Novel, Napoleon IIIrd

Joseph's Well on 29th September
Reviewed by Dave on 2nd October 2006

Napoleon IIrd

The opening song from this Wakefield band is ‘The Conformist Takes It All’ and it is the perfect opening song for this quirky electro-pop group. With its cheerfully harmonised chorus of “listen to what I say average is not the best you can do” it lets you know that this is set is going to be fun.

And from this rather ace opening song the boys don’t disappoint, every minute, every chord played in their set is wonderfully fun. The stop/start rhythm of ‘Defibrillator’ makes for one of the more enjoyable songs of the set.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.napoleoniiird.com

My Latest Novel

When My Latest Novel took to the stage and announced themselves through a thick Scottish accent I was quite surprised as I had no idea they were playing tonight, pleasantly surprised mind.

The set opens with the gorgeous ‘Pretty in Panic’ and features all of the best bits from the band’s debut album ‘Wolves’. I was a bit disappointed that the band neglected to play either ‘Learning Lego’ or ‘The Job Mr. Kurtz Done’ but the lack of my two favourite songs was more than made up for by the fact that the set was just too damn beautiful.

When the band played ‘The Reputation of Ross Francis’ it was like a warm blanket that you could wrap yourself up in, whilst many bands hide their accents you can clearly hear the thick Scottish accents of the members and that is what makes the pleading chorus “please sir, if you let me in I’ll prove sir...” so wonderful to hear.

When My Latest Novel left the stage I wanted more, more of their soft guitar riffs, their gorgeous instrumentals, and their wonderful lyrics. This is how live music should make you feel.

Rating: 10/10
Website: www.mylatestnovel.com

The Hidden Cameras

The night is brought to a close by the folk styling of Canada’s The Hidden Cameras who begin their set with a few slower numbers to ease the crowd into the idea of what could, at any moment, become a hoe-down.

When everyone has been told to move forward a bit the band announce that it is time to dance and play ‘Death of a Tune’ and what follows is the hoe-down that was being built up. Fast paced acoustic tunes with violin accompaniment are the order of this middle part of the set. It seems that at some point very soon the violin players may set their instruments on fire from the friction.

The set includes songs from their latest album (‘Awoo’) as well as from the band’s earlier albums. The set is a tour through the happy sounding world that the Hidden Cameras live in, and it was a pleasure to be taken on such a tour. With their folk-y melodies, barn dancing violinists and excellent vocals I don’t think there was anyone in the crowd who didn’t enjoy the set; especially the guy who had been shouting “Lollipop!” all the way through who got rewarded with a performance of ‘Lollipop’ as the encore.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.thehiddencameras.com


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