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The Pipettes, Stefy

The Cockpit, Leeds on 19th April 2007
Reviewed by Dave on 21st April 2007


Stefy are a four piece American band fronted by the glamorous and really very attractive Stefy Rae. Sounding like Gwen Stefani before she went bat shit crazy and decided a solo career would be a good thing Stefy pouts and body pops her way through the set, constantly flirtatious it is obvious that Stefy is a brilliant frontwoman filled with energy and a real passion for making music.

The set mostly features songs from the band’s debut album ‘The Orange Album’ with a very pop/new wave slant the entire set is energetic. Songs such as ‘Hey School Boy’ showcase the band’s obvious talent for catchy riffs and Stefy’s vocals and her ability to switch from quiet and reserved to loud and out and out crazy.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.stefytheband.com

The Pipettes

So, what is better than watching an attractive girl jump around and pout whilst she sings rather good music? Well, it would be watching three attractive girls in polka dot outfits dance and sing retro pop-rock songs, obviously.

The Pipettes set was a retro pop-rock tour de force, with choreographed dance routines lending the whole thing a ‘Grease’ feel. From the moment that the backing band came onto the stage to the moment the girls left at the end of their encore was an entertaining journey through harmonies and dancing.

The thing that struck me about The Pipettes during their set is that all their songs are very short, but they cram a lot of quality into those few short minutes, and apart from the occasional off-key line the songs are performed excellently.

There are a few new songs scattered throughout the set, bolstered by crowd favourites from the album such as ‘Dirty Mind’ and ‘Your Kisses are Wasted on me’. One of my personal favourites from The Pipettes album, ‘Pull Shapes’, sounds quite amazing live and it is clear that the girls enjoy every minute of being on stage.

The Pipettes tour is just kicking off, with Leeds being their third venue and right now the girls are at the top of the game and I can only see them performing better as the tour progresses, this is a band you should definitely see live.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.thepipettes.co.uk


Gravatar zen says:-

Stefy puts on a great show, and their debut album is really strong.

If more recent albums were this strong, the industry wouldn't be in such a mess.

2nd May 2007 @ 22:34:35 GMT

Gravatar Dave says:-

I agree.

The Orange Album is not what I would normally listen to after a hard days graft, but goddamn if it hasn't creeped its way into my heart.

3rd May 2007 @ 16:29:09 GMT

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