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John Dee, Oslo on 28th May 2007
Reviewed by Andreas on 4th June 2007

"This band is... UNSTOPPABLE!"

That oh-so-familiar sample, taken from a film some might remember (it was called Singles, it was about grunge/love in Seattle in the early nineties. It had a killer soundtrack), drifts out over the crowd. It's not too easy to make it out amongst the little bells, the white noise and the feedback that announces previous single "Retreat! Retreat". 65daysofstatic are, as you'd say, in the house.

And in the house they are. Openers Jeniferever had to cancel, and thus the night is all about the 65days. Last time I saw 65daysofstatic I was in some London university, refusing to be served beer and clutching a cd. This time I got served - hoorah for tiny victories- and the venue is about a tenth of the size.

Luckily, this is the type of event where size doesn't matter in the least. 65daysofstatic instantly pommel the audience with their angular mish-mash of broken beats, expansive guitars and complicated as fuck drum patterns. "Drove through ghosts to get here" goes by too swiftly, a song that must have been "A Failsafe" off 65's third album "The Destruction of Small Ideals" nearly breaks my head with its mix of beauty and distorted themes. All of a sudden "Radio Protector" is on and the gig is passing way too fast.

65daysofstatic are one of those few bands that manage to keep you interested and entertained through an entire concert without actually saying a word. Hell, you even feel like you're in some strange way participating, as you punch the air in exuberant celebration of what can only be called "kick ass guitars". The music comes in waves upon waves, tempo changing, rhythmic to the last, triumph upon triumph and climax upon climax. It is very, very hard to feel bored during a 65daysofstatic gig.

The song names don't matter so much at this point. From the single "Don't go down to Sorrow" and onwards 65daysofstatic are breaking John Dee apart. There is that oh-so familiar vibration in the floor and tables, the one that's produced by a bass being beaten into something otherworldly. Crescendos come and go, guitars are hammered into pieces and I don't think drum kits were made to take the amount abuse 65's drummer is dishing out. The band put a lot of focus on their new album, but old (and previously mentioned) classics like the piano-driven, echoey "Radio Protector" and everyone's favourite "Retreat! Retreat!" rounds off the back catalogue nicely. Although "Destruction..." might lack a bit on record, it really - REALLY - shines live.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.65daysofstatic.com

Any gig that makes you want to high-five someone is an epic gig in my book.


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