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The Irish Centre, Leeds on 10th July 2007
Reviewed by Dave on 11th July 2007

It’s windy, very windy, and more than a little cold. By contrast the Irish Centre itself is stuffy and more than a little hot; it’s also deceptively big, kind of like the TARDIS only less cool.

Midlake are being supported by the Rosie Taylor Project, who have been furiously gigging around Leeds for the past couple of months, I missed them tonight but I caught them when they were supporting Camera Obscura, they sounded like they had potential then if a little dull.

The second support act is a frankly brilliant solo folk singer who mesmerises the crowd with violin strumming and whistling. I can’t for the life of me remember his name though (top class journalism here), still he was very good

Midlake were a folk rock tour de force, most of the songs they played were from the band’s gorgeously crafted second album, ‘The Trials of Van Occupanther’, along with a new song for the upcoming album and an older song.

The highlight of the set for me was standing at the bar and hearing the opening chords of ‘Bandits’, far and away my favourite song from Van Occupanther, hearing it live for the first time was like falling in love.

Other highlights included ‘My Young Bride’ ‘Head Home’ and of course, the brilliant ‘Roscoe’.

With wonderful harmonisation, epic sounding guitar riffs and gorgeous jingly keyboard parts Midlake were on top form despite seemingly having been on tour forever and a day.

Rating: 10/10
Website: www.midlake.net


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