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The Broken Family Band, The Clientele, Morning Bride

The Faversham on 7th October 2007
Reviewed by Dave on 8th October 2007

Morning Bride

The first band on the stage is the London based five-piece Morning Bride and they kick the evening off with a delightful slice of Americana.

Lead singer Amity has one of those voices that you either love or hate, powerful and often shrill her vocals are perfectly offset by vocal partner Mark, and when the two harmonise on ‘This Place is No Place for Harbouring Angels’ you realise just how good Morning Bride really are.

Every song in their set is gorgeous and a brilliant introduction to the band, for me the high point of the set was ‘Zero One Zero One’ a slow and soulful song which uses the 1st of January to talk about heartbreak and loneliness.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.morningbride.co.uk

The Clientele

After the dreamy folk melodies of Morning Bride it was The Clientele’s turn to woo the crowd with their own brand of twee psychedelic indie pop, and woo they did.

Following the philosophy that more reverb is equal to awesomeness the band play through a rather quirky set that features more than a few songs from their latest album, ‘God Save The Clientele’.

Occasionally sounding like a strange mix between The Shins and R.E.M. (Michael Stipe-esque vocals in particular) The Clientele’s set was enjoyable and uplifting at the same time, it was glorious.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.theclientele.co.uk

The Broken Family Band

The Broken Family Band are part-time rockers, all of the members have “real” jobs and it has been remarked that their live shows often reflect the moods they are in on the night, the happy they are the more raucous the set is.

Featuring songs like ‘Dancing on the 4th Floor’ and ‘At the Back of the Chapel’ the set was a tour de force through the band’s rockier side. It was also a healthy endorsement of their new album ‘Hello Love’.

One thing you can always expect from The Broken Family Band is good stage banter, headed up by their cheeky front man Steven Adams, and one sure fire way to get a Leeds crowd on your side is to let them know how much better than Nottingham they are, so bonus points for you guys.

All the songs you would expect were present and accounted for ‘Twelve Eyes of Evil’, ‘Devil in the Details’, the excellent ‘The Booze and the Drugs’ and the gleefully melodic call to arms that is ‘Where is My Baby?’

For me there were two high points to the set; ‘Leaps’, a song about having it off with rock driven country rhythms and wondrous vocals from Steven and the closing song ‘It’s All Over’ which is a stark contrast, slow and somewhat bleak it was the perfect way to finish the set.

Rating: 10/10
Website: www.thebrokenfamilyband.com


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