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The Hot Puppies - Terry/Love in Practice Not Theory

Reviewed by Dave on 23rd October 2006

A year ago the Hot Puppies released “Terry” from their album “Under the Crooked Moon”. Now, after the album has received rave reviews and the Puppies themselves have been shot into the limelight, “Terry” is back with us again on November the 6th released on Fierce Panda. Since the first release of “Terry” the Puppies have gained a few famous fans, including Phil Jupitus, they have performed live radio sessions for the likes of Jonathan Ross, Mark Riley, Tom Robinson and Huw Stephens.

“Terry” is a song about a dangerous lover, dangerous in the way that Ren McCormack was dangerous in “Footloose”. The song begins with a wonderful guitar riff that fades to reveal the true driving force of this song, the organ, combined with the wonderful vocals of Becki Newman the song swoons through its four minutes and seven seconds, building during the chorus, and towards the end, to a glorious crescendo.

“Love in Practice, Not Theory” is a glorious song, slower than the opening track but no less fun. Becki’s vocals are what pull you into this song, like a siren’s call the opening ten seconds make you want to hear the rest of the song, and you won’t be disappointed, with a gorgeous melody “Love in Practice, Not Theory” should have all of you who listen to it thinking about someone special.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.thehotpuppies.com