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Infinite Flying Kick - Checkmate

Reviewed by Ben on 1st December 2006

By trying to capture their live sound on CD, Auckland based five piece Infinite Flying Kick hope to recreate the furore of their live shows for those at home. While the premise might sound fair fetched, the energy capture on the EP, especially the radio friendly Checkmate and the almost climactic moments in Black Circus does catch the listener off guard. It makes you then somehow understand that what you've heard is a band who are about to make huge strides in the New Zealand music scene, and could be as important to it as those who have already become veterans in the charts.

Solid Rock and Roll with some aversions to Power Pop - Infinite Flying Kick could be one of the breakout acts of 2007.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.infiniteflyingkick.com

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