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Stillman - Stillborn Moon

Reviewed by Andreas on 13th December 2006

What on earth is this? Have I been transported back to the late-90s post-OK Computer British rock scene? Obviously I haven't, as time travel is impossible. That hasn't stopped Stillman, though. "Stillborn Moon" is a nonsensical attempt at what I can only assume is meant to be heart wrenching pop rock. Instead this one-man-band has produced one of the dullest songs this reviewer has heard in quite a long time. The guitar hook basically sounds like the hook from a certain Coldplay song, the vocals are dull and the song just plods through the same melody for a full three minutes before coming to a premature climax and finish. It gets a 3 because the guy can obviously play all those instruments.


Rating: 3/10
Website: www.myspace.com/stillmanuk