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LR Rockets - London Girls

Reviewed by HelenB on 17th January 2007

'London Girls' is the debut single from 'LR Rockets', containing some extremely catchy guitar riffs. The song takes as its subject the not unusual topics of sex, drugs and rock & roll, but lines like 'Men pay you a lot of money to take off your underwear' indicate this band are not afraid of covering more controversial topics like prostitution.

The b side is a song called 'Foxes' and is equally impressive. It has a resemblance to Adam and the Ants music, in the unusual style of singing. It is possibly no coincidence that it was produced by Marc Waterman, who has done some Adam Ant stuff in the past. It contains some edgy and outrageous lyrics, including phrases like 'fresh virgin whore'.

This band sound very promising, and i imagine they'd be great live, as the tracks are fun and easy to jump along to, if you feel the need.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.myspace.com/lrlockets