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Koopa - Blag, Steal or Borrow

Reviewed by Dave on 18th January 2007

So, I've had this for a while and not reviewed it. Since I've had it Koopa have become the first unsigned band to enter the Top 40, sitting here listening to it I wonder "Why?"

They sound like a slightly more "hardcore" version of Busted or McFly and while the opening guitar riff showed some promise it quickly evaporated when the power-pop vocals and riff kick in. The chorus proclaims that "this is what real music sounds like", I'm sorry to break it to you lads but no, this is what shit over-manufactured vacuous music sounds like.

The single is a tongue-in-cheek pop at the music industry, and while their views may be valid the line “turning out your cheesy rubbish” is ironic because Koopa sound like the cheesy rubbish that major labels are quick to promote.

With a wealth of unsigned bands and artists on iTunes it’s depressing that Koopa are the first unsigned band into the charts, I would never pay £0.79 for this generic piece of rubbish, even if you held a gun to my head, death would be preferable.

The band try to introduce some “edginess” into the end of the track but it just sounds like three teenagers whinging about how no one appreciated their Blink 182 cover band.

In closing punk is dead, get over it and don’t bring it up again.

Rating: 1/10
Website: www.koopatheband.com