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Obsessive Compulsive - The Corpses of Thought

Reviewed by Helen on 1st February 2007

Rall was right when she said here that Obsessive Compulsive really aren't what it says on the tin. In fact, it's possibly the biggest suprise since I was given my first Killing Heidi CD. These guys don't just look metal, they look screamo, and in a baby-munching way. They look like every depressed teen goth's wet dream.

I was dreading reviewing them, especially after reading the blurb... "We're dirty and hungry and angry. We live in a van and spend most of our nights on a hard floor." I mean, dear god, they're sending this out in a promo? I mean, they mention they don't want to play Wembley - but why are they sending out promos if they're not hankering after some form of success? Who really wants to stay largely unappreciated? It's like saying to your boss "Oh, no thanks, I won't take that promotion and associated payrise, I'd rather stay on reception and answer the phone. Keeps me in touch with the common people." Sounds like a gimmick to me, kids.

However, shockingly, they're good. Rather quite good, in fact. The lead singer, Kelii, has a truly excellent voice - it's strong and resonant, and she makes excellent use of it. They pump out a fairly good guitar solo, some solid riffs, and a good use of the full spectrum - not to much bass, not too much treble. The drumming's sound enough, though not always utterly on the ball (especially in the last track, Ennui) and their set-up is quite impressive.

I quite like this band. Not in a wholly energetic way, since their tunes let them down somewhat - but with a little more imagination, they could be really good. Until then, I'm sorry to say I find them a little samey; they hark back to that generic late-nineties metal band that we all loved in its time and place, but are now a little disillusioned with. I'd very much like to review one of their live performances, since bands like this tend to come into their own given a good venue and some experience. I'd bet a tidy sum that OC turns out to be one of those bands.

Their MySpace, so you can make your own mind up, and then email me and tell me I was wrong (not that I'm bitter or anything, all you Rumble Strips fanatics):
Obsessive Compulsive

Rating: 5/10
Website: www.obsessivecompulsiveband.com