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The:Hair - Ghosts

Reviewed by Dave on 8th February 2007

‘Ghosts’, the debut single from The:Hair is something quite special; the A Side ‘Ghosts’ immediately puts me in mind of Bloc Party back in the days of Silent Alarm, the opening riff sounds a little like ‘Helicopter’ and whilst ‘Ghosts’ is not as quick paced it is still a foot tapping, heart pounding song.

‘Ghosts’ hits all the boxes, the production is excellent, the vocals are strong and don’t get lost in the music, the instruments are often played by people with real talent who have worked hard to develop their sound and gel as a band. It’s all good.

The B Side ‘Left Foot Right Foot’ is an equally catchy number, with its snare drum and cow bell driven opening it bursts into another high-flying pop-rock song that is again reminiscent of Bloc Party.

Both songs have a stop-start rhythm that is infectious and will have you tapping your foot on the floor without you even knowing what you are doing.

They have featured on Steve Lamacq’s ‘Best of Unsigned’ and have played alongside bands like Good Shoes, The Pigeon Detectives, Lilly Allen and the Super Furry Animals, clearly they are a talented bunch and destined to go far.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.hairmusic.co.uk