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Bonse - Shoot Me

Reviewed by Andreas on 11th February 2007

"Shoot Me" is one of those singles that come with the original (in a radio edited form) and accompanied by two remixes. The song is a "dance/rock fusion" that apparently will light everyone on fire, but I think they're wrong. All it does to me is make me wish I was dead.

I never made it to the remixes

See, Bonse have created the perfect amalgamation of music for people who're into "choons" and those who once bought an Arctic Monkeys single and thought that meant they're "down with the scene" or whatever. "Shoot Me" has a banging bass, idiotic lyrics, bad production and a dull guitar section. Most likely to be played in a chavvy club where the floor is sticky.

Worst song of 2007.

Watch your drinks, ladies.

Rating: 0/10
Website: www.bonse.co.uk