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Buen Chico - Gold From Lead

Reviewed by Dave on 14th February 2007

‘Lead From Gold’ is the third single from Leeds based, bouncy indie-pop threesome Buen Chico and it seems that the band just keep going from strength to strength.

The A Side, ‘Lead From Gold’ starts off deceptively slow and then bursts forth into the typically upbeat fast-paced Buen Chico style, Morgan’s distinctive vocals really stand out and the instrumental backing is, as I have come to expect from the trio, flawless.

The riff is catchy and the rhythm infectious and the lyrics are annoyingly easy to remember, annoying in the sense that they are slowly taking over more and more of mind.

The B Side ‘La La La (I Can’t Hear You)’ is a slow song and sounds a lot less upbeat than ‘Giving Your Gifts’ or ‘Killing Somebody’ or even it’s A Side partner on this single but that’s not really a bad thing, it shows that Buen Chico have versatility and can write and play songs that sound down and dirty as opposed to just happy and hyper songs.

‘La La La’ sounds very much like something The Zutons might write, but is actually good, and as I’ve said above sounds unlike any of the other Buen Chico releases. It does have a trademark fast-paced middle part, but for the most part it is slow and intricate sounding riffs from Morgan’s guitar, there is also some epic drumming at the end.

A good third single from the rising stars, I’ve said it before but it needs saying again: watch out for Buen Chico, they are going places.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.buenchico.com

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