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The Brian Jacket Letdown - Eat Your Friends

Reviewed by HelenB on 1st March 2007

I was very impressed with this folk rock band, as although there are hints of other artists in their music, i've never heard anything exactly like them before. The vocals seem to combine the voices of Jeff Buckley and Mark Bolan, and this strange quality really works and surprises, as you expect emotional lyrics, because of the soothing voice, and then you hear nonsensical 'hoo-hah' sounds being chanted.

The chorus lines 'Eat your friends, but don't pig out on them' are very clever, and warn not to be greedy with your friends' time. The B side 'Me and my Dog' also impressed me, as the opening barking noises and following guitar riff are bizarre, but very catchy.

The songs are great, because they're completely unpredictable. i'd give them a listen, as you're unlikely to hear anything like this from anyone else around at the moment.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.thebrianjacketletdown.com