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Pilotlight - Bite Your Nails

Reviewed by Dave on 5th March 2007

‘Bite your Nails’ is the latest single from London based quartet Pilotlight, the single has previously seen success in the Irish Top 40 when the band released it independently.

‘Bite Your Nails’ starts off with a clatter of guitars which mellows as Gavin Farrell begins to sing. As the guitar kicks in again Gavin begins to shout, which is a great shame as it really turns me off the song, when singing with his low, smooth voice Gavin is amazing but as he begins to shout during the chorus his voice breaks a little and you can’t help but feel bad for his vocal chords. Other than the occasional crack in the vocals ‘Bite Your Nails’ is a powerful guitar driven song, its just a shame that it sort of washed over me without making much of an impression.

The B Side ‘The Shortest Route to Happiness is a Straight Line’ is a different kettle of fish entirely, weighing in at an impressive 5 minutes 45 seconds it’s a long track for a single but at no point in those 5 minutes did I ever feel that I was losing interest in the song. It starts off like a lullaby, quiet, soft and with the tiny ‘ping’ of a Glockenspiel, Gavin’s vocals are wonderful, there is the hint that they begin to crack in the chorus again but it doesn’t mar the song in anyway, it adds a pleading, emotional quality to the chorus.

Pilotlight pride themselves on making intense emotional music and ‘The Shortest Route to Happiness is a Straight Line’ is just that, from the moment I first heard it I loved it, and it certainly makes the single that much better for being on the CD.

This is another good single from a band who will hopefully be going places, they certainly are talented enough and their music is so beautiful it would be a shame if they didn’t become huge.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.pilotlightmusic.com