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Hayze - 'What Goes Around Comes Around' EP

Reviewed by HelenB on 7th March 2007

This Ipswich based rock band have made a very promising start with this EP. The music is clearly influenced from the likes of Jet, and Oasis. This is particularly true of the rock and roll tribute 'Into Forever (man)', which is like a modern day version of 'rock and roll star', which can't be a bad thing.

The most notable songs on the EP were the aforementioned 'Into Forever (man)' and the slower, more emotional 'Echo Stir', which reflects the feelings that occur when you grow up in a little town, but have dreams of bigger things. I found myself quite moved as i was listening to this song, especially by the chorus. Lyrically, it was a little predictable, but Pete Thompson's raw edgy vocals really made it work.

'Superstar' and 'Lose Control' were less impressive tracks, but definitely still showed potential. I'd keep an eye out for this band, as i think they might be on their way up.

Rating: 6/10
Website: www.hayze.co.uk

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    • Hayze - 'What Goes Around Comes Around' EP
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