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The People's Revolutionary Choir - The Breeze that Blows

Reviewed by HelenB on 3rd April 2007

This band are seriously lacking in originality. Their music reeks of other bands, most notably Kasabian and Embrace, with some elements of Snow Patrol and Primal Scream. Now that sounds pretty interesting on paper, but not on record. The whole way through the track i just wanted to listen to the aforementioned bands instead of the band i was listening to.

The B side 'Lost and Found' was clearly inspired by Bob Dylan and is assisted by the use of a harmonica. There even seems to be an attempt to mimic Dylan's voice, although it is admittedly a failed attempt, as Bob Dylan would never come out with such unimpressive lyrics, or deliver them so drably. The repetition of the line 'You gotta believe' which closes the track, is particularly tedious.

Rating: 3/10
Website: www.myspace.com/thepeoplesrevolutionarychoir