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Nephwrack - The Once and Future Kings

Reviewed by Helen on 15th April 2007

Hmmm. Not bad. Meaty, metally, reassuringly al-dente. Vocals with character, interesting hooks, solid riffs, good solos, excellent choruses. Sing-a-longable. Think Clutch. Think good enough to get away with singing instead of just shouting. Think worth seeing live. This band could possibly do very well... not too generic, not too extreme. Slighty anthemic, but not so as to be cliched.

Remember the name of this band, you might well hear more from them. Good stuff.

Let's hope their PR machine does them justice. Cross fingers. And toes. In fact, it looks like you might have to cross everything you have.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.nephwrack.com

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