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Subliminal Girls - Burn Koko/Mirror

Reviewed by Dave on 26th April 2007

Apparently Subliminal Girls are a band for me; I don’t wear tight jeans nor am I slave to Topshop fashions, I don’t run a club night “to get friends” and I own all the music that I list on my MySpace page oh, and I hate Pete Fucking Doherty.

This first two track single does present some promise as well, with the infectious ‘Burn Koko’ and the slower more melodic ‘Mirror’ the band certainly has a ring of Art Brut to it, and this is no surprise as they were once in a band with Eddie Argos, but art rock this ain’t.

Subliminal Girls are well worth a listen if you are into pop-punk anti scene music, and have a sense of humour, fans of The Libertines need not bother.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.subliminalgirls.com