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Forget Cassettes - Salt

Reviewed by HelenB on 27th April 2007

This album was so angsty and dreary that I had trouble listening to every song in its entirety, and it didn't help that almost every song was at least five minutes long. It was a little too much to bear.

I appreciate that life isn't always great, and yes, sometimes bad things happen, and it can be depressing, but does it really take a whole album to express this? Surely just dedicating a few songs to the negative aspects of love and life would have been enough.

The music is at least adventuous I suppose, as you're never quite sure where the song's going to go next. One minute there's heavy rock music with banging drums and screaming vocals, and the next minute, the music slows down completely and the screaming turns to whispers. This had kind of a novelty effect with the first track, but I lost interest when it happened in every song. I just didn't like it, and I highly doubt anyone else will.

Rating: 2/10
Website: www.forgetcassettes.com

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