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The Hussey's - We Expected/Please Don't Call Me at Home

Reviewed by Dave on 28th April 2007

The Hussey’s are a Glaswegian indie pop outfit who have managed to build quite a following in their hometown, and a decent fan base throughout the UK. ‘We Expected’ is the band’s first single and it’s a double A Side which will be out on April 30th on limited edition 7” and download.

‘We Expected’ begins with vocalist Fili belting out the opening verse with minimal musical backing, it sounds a bit shaky at first but once the song kicks in and the chorus explodes the song becomes quite a bouncy little number.

‘Please Don’t Call Me’ starts off with a similar riff to Buen Chico’s ‘Giving Your Gifts’ but once the song gets going it sounds more like a Camera Obscura song.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.myspace.com/thehussys

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