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The Hussey's - We Expected/Please Don't Call Me at Home

Reviewed by Dave on 28th April 2007

The Hussey’s are a Glaswegian indie pop outfit who have managed to build quite a following in their hometown, and a decent fan base throughout the UK. ‘We Expected’ is the band’s first single and it’s a double A Side which will be out on April 30th on limited edition 7†and download.

‘We Expected’ begins with vocalist Fili belting out the opening verse with minimal musical backing, it sounds a bit shaky at first but once the song kicks in and the chorus explodes the song becomes quite a bouncy little number.

‘Please Don’t Call Me’ starts off with a similar riff to Buen Chico’s ‘Giving Your Gifts’ but once the song gets going it sounds more like a Camera Obscura song.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.myspace.com/thehussys

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