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Fairport Convention - 25th Anniversary Concert - Double CD

Reviewed by HelenB on 8th May 2007

Fairport Convention are a folk band who have been around since 1967. Their 25th Anniversary Concert was recorded at their 1992 Cropredy festival, which is an annual three day folk event the band holds.

This is the issue really; it's just pure 'folk', and will only really appeal to total folk fans. It doesn't cross genres at any point, and there's not really anything new or exciting about it. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as if you are a folk music lover, you'll have no complaints.

I just felt that in order to fully appreciate this music, you would have to have lived in the country all your life and be familiar with the vices of 'ploughing'and 'barrows'. Track titles like 'The Hexhamshire Lass' and 'John Barleycorn' make it pretty difficult to relate to any of the songs if you're more accustomed to city life.

Rating: 5/10
Website: www.fairportconvention.com