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N*E*R*D - She Wants To Move

Reviewed by Rall on 11th March 2004

Well, it's bound to happen soon, but the lads have showed us they've not run out of killer tracks yet!
She Likes To Move draws on all the classic N*E*R*D that people cant help but dance to while they're doing the washing-up! We love the rhythm and we love choons and we love Pharrell. And if you don't, all you have to do is watch the video and you'll see the error of your ways! The video also rawks (in a rawkstar way), despite the unwelcome appearance of one of the Mis-Teeq ladies (ladies my arse!). If you don't buy the single buy the album. And if you don't buy either? Don't expect to wake up in the morning.

Rating: 10/10
Website: www.n-e-r-d.com

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