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Odain Watson - Do You Niado?

Reviewed by HelenB on 18th May 2007

The title of this track 'Do You Niado?' basically sums the song up. It's pretentious, doesn't make any sense, and causes severe confusion.

'Do You Niado?' comes from Prince-like sounding New York singer Odain Watson, and frankly, it's just weird. The song opens with what can only really be described as helicopter noises, and then lots of other bizarre electronic noises join in. All this happens, as some guy sings about how his music and style will make you want to 'Niado', or in other words, dance around and be happy.

"Do you Niado?"

"No, not to this dire excuse of a song."

Rating: 2/10
Website: www.myspace.com/odainmusic