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The Horrors - Strange House

Reviewed by Helen on 9th June 2007

Oh dear god. This is awful. I don't care if it's the plat du jour, it's just absolutely atrocious.

It's been described at "artistic", "gothic rockabilly" and "malevolent". However, what it really is is crap. It's a crime against music. It's like the sludge at the bottom of the plague-infected indie pond. That's really all I have to say about this album.

However, about the band: I know what people see in this troupe of idiots. It's not the music. If it's the music, then indies actually are deaf (although that wouldn't be so hard to believe). No, it's the image. They're emoindies. Hardcore angst, people. Tightest trousers in the business (sorry, Keith Richards). However, with trousers that tight, even the most sane person could become a mentally-ill screaming eunuch.

Rating: 0/10
Website: www.thehorrors.co.uk