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Smith 6079 - Kill Romeo

Reviewed by HelenB on 6th July 2007

The screeching and needlessly loud singing that persists throughout this track is actually painful to listen to and caused me to wince, seriously. It reminded me of a few years ago when Kelis was singing 'I hate you so much right now', except at least in that song there was an obvious purpose to the screeching, as she was trying to emphasise the pent up feelings that can occur when a relationship breaks up. Here, the screeching just seemed painful and pointless.

I suppose this track then would be classed as a type of heavy indie music from this Manchester band, and therefore is probably meant to sound angry. I just don't think it worked, as I didn't find the angry aspects in the slightest bit compelling, only very annoying.

Rating: 1/10
Website: www.smith6079.com