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Heads We Dance - The Human Touch

Reviewed by Dave on 19th November 2008

Heads We Dance’s latest single ‘The Human Touch’ marks a change in direction for the band. Gone are the light and airy dance-pop jingles and jangles replaced by a decidedly dancefloor friendly electro offering.

The A-Side, ‘The Human Touch’, feels much darker than previous HWD offerings with the heavy use of electronic beats. There are still definitely enough HWD trademarks within the single for fans to enjoy it, the robotic sounds, the vision of the future and the stylish sounds of the song itself.

The B-Side is a remix of one of my personal favourite HWD songs, ‘You are Never Alone with Model 21’ and provides a brilliant counterpoint to the oppressive sound of ‘The Human Touch’, it is a fast paced, wonderfully tongue in cheek advert for robotic replacements for love “...don’t cry for him or for her, you can buy Model 21

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.headswedance.com