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The Troubadours - Gimme Love/I'm Not Superstitious

Reviewed by Andreas on 11th June 2009

Christ. What is the world coming to? Why are these guys getting signed to things? Horrid and terrible, at the same time.

The Troubadours are the type of "sunshine-y" pop/rock band that you'll hear once and, if you've got something other than cotton between your ears, you'll die happy if you never hear again.

"Gimme Love" and "I'm Not Superstitious" are laden with that sickly Beach Boys-esque vocal harmony we've heard too many times already, and both songs could have been written and performed by about five thousand other bands that had a one-hit wonder in 1996. I'm bored by the time the tenth second ticks past.

Since when is sounding like a mix of Deep Blue Something and Dodgy considered a good thing? I'll include the link to be nice, but listener discretion is bloody well advised.

Rating: 0/10
Website: www.myspace.com/thetroubadoursmusic