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Art Brut - Formed A Band

Reviewed by Rall on 15th April 2004

I know nothing about this band. For which I apologise, but apparently this single was released back in march... it seems as if no-one noticed, I know I didn't. But I have now, and I'm so proud of myself!!! I love this song! It's noisy, silly but above all it's damned good! If "LOOK AT US! WE FORMED A BAND!" isn't the Reading catchphrase this year I'll... well I won't know because I can't go. The b-side (Bad weekend) is also delightfully rough all over, not to mention the edges, and the bloke still isn't trying to sing. Which for once... I don't mind! (And I usually hate people who cant sing (I wont mention Tim Wheeler. Honest)). Anyways, these people, whoever they are, I shall be keeping a close eye on.

Rating: 10/10
Website: listen.to/artbrut