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Charlotte Hatherley - Kim Wilde

Reviewed by Andreas on 19th June 2004

Yes. It's a song about THAT Kim Wilde. I think. To be fair, I haven't paid much attention the lyrics. However, it is clear that Charlotte Hatherley (the fit one from Ash) has learnt her pop lessons well, "Kim Wilde" is one of the best pop singles you'll hear this year.

The synths shake, the guitars boogie and the vocals are sugary sweet! I think people will be dancing to "Kim Wilde" before the summer is over, with its "ooooh bah bah oooooooh" bridge and brilliantly melodic chorus.

Plus, Miss Hatherley is such a fox ;)
Buy it now, kids, before it's too late.

Rating: 9/10
Website: www.charlottehatherley.com