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Hope of the States - Nehemiah

Reviewed by Andreas on 21st September 2004

Hope of the States receive a lot of stick for their vocalist and his rather rough voice. I think it fits though, something that becomes more and more apparent as time goes on.

"Nehemiah" is the fourth (or something) single from HOTS' debut album "The Lost Riots". Kitted out with a heat-sensitive sleeve (very very cool) it features a few good b-sides and the video for the song. "Nehemiah" itself is a semi-gentle, piano driven rock song with some of the most touching lyrics ever to grace... err.. a Hope of the States song. All in all, not bad for £3.

While it's not a top 10 hit, it is a great song. So, contain your desire to pick up the new Interpol single and buy this instead. Unless you already have. In which case I can only congratulate your good taste in music.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.hopeofthestates.com

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