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The Silent League - (promo) Breathe

Reviewed by Andreas on 9th December 2004

The Silent League is a Brooklyn, NY-based outfit, centred around ex-Mercury Rev keyboardist Justin Rosso. Their style has been described as "a masterful blend of sepia-toned chamber pop and sunny-sinister piano balladry", but in essence they make music for your dad.

The opening track of this two-track promo, "Breathe" is tripe and dull, and seems to go on forever. The musicianship sure is excellent, but there is nothing to grab your attention. It's all very smooth, piano-led and epic. In short, it sounds like Mercury Rev with a different singer.

Second track, called "Time", is no better. Even though it's a live recording, the song is void of any energy whatsoever.

When their album is eventually released, I'd say you'd be better off not buying it. The only redeeming factor this promo has got is its rather pretty cover art.

Rating: 1/10
Website: www.silentleague.com