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JJ72 - Coming Home

Reviewed by Bob on 10th September 2005

First up, title track Coming Home (10/10) is an excellent tune. Strong vocals and powerful guitars build this song up. It has one of my favourite and most 'catchy' chorus of the year. Unfortunately, the b-sides tell a different tale... Tokyo (6/10) has a nice enough chorus, but the verses just don't appeal to me. My favourite b-side is We'll Wait For You (7/10) - not the best vocal effort from Mr Greeney, again only in the verses as I quite like the chorus. Spires (5/10) is OK, mainly for the tune as the vocal parts (especially the "I'm in love with you tonight" part) are just... no! I've liked all the other songs from the up-coming album I've heard, so hopefully, there will be more songs like Coming Home than like Spires!

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.jj72.com