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Calvoon - CominOnStrong2TheMaximum

Reviewed by Andreas on 19th September 2005

I assume this is meant to be a bit of a joke. The press release accompanying this 'aptly' titled single talks of rave culture in 'no-hope Newcastle' (aye, we've all been there).

Calvoon apparently want to stick around and make feel-good songs , but their vocalist sings in a gruff voice and the arrangements of the song are plain and just boring. It does, however, get a plus for some aptly satirical 'thumpin bass' and 'hard beats'. B-side 'Feeling the Feeling' is a 'summer mood' song, and that's just as dull, if not more so.

Sorry lads, you'll have to try a bit harder.

Rating: 2/10
Website: www.calvoon.co.uk

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