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Bloc Party - Two More Years

Reviewed by Andreas on 4th October 2005

Oh, how they're growing up fast, these young bands. 'Two More Years' is so much more mature than anything on Bloc Party's debut, 'Silent Alarm'. Unlike that album's singles, this is less dancey, less rushed. The band is more confident in their arrangements and songwriting, and that shows very well in the verse. There is also less guitar twiddling, but more ambiance, and quite frankly that's a good thing. The chanted, sadness-tinged chorus of Two more years, two more years, so hold on... certainly stirs the heart, and will without doubt cause a few tears when played live as well. The b-side, 'Hero', is an alright listen I suppose, but apart from some rather cool sampling tricks and defiant lyrics, it's not that memorable. The a-side completely overshadows 'Hero'.

'Two More Years' is the sound of a band coming to terms with their own talent and career, and it sounds so so so good. This is why Bloc Party will last whilst all the other bands will fall away soon enough.

Rating: 8/10
Website: www.blocparty.com