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Fighting With Wire - Machine Parts

Reviewed by Simon on 20th October 2005

Consisting of Cahir O’Doherty (of Jetplane Landing fame), Craig McKean and Herb Magee, Fighting With Wire are a three piece rock band who hail from Derry in Northern Ireland - home to Kerrang favourites The Mascara Story but not much else in the way of credible music. Hoping to change that, Fighting With Wire have began their climb to prominence well by supporting the likes of Biffy Clyro, Million Dead and most recently Reuben around the UK.

To tie in with this latest tour, the trio have released Machine Parts as two track single. Lyrically it all comes over as being quite punky in places, before descending into a full scale chorus which is perfect for a live setting. Sounding like a blend of early Hell Is For Heroes and latter day Million Dead, Fighting With Wire are a band who wear their influences on their sleeve for all to see. Most obviously shades of Jetplane Landing can be heard, but then as the bands share a member it’s hardly surprising really.

As a standalone track Machine Parts is great. Unfortunately, the b-side Contemplating Someone Else is somewhat of a turgid affair. Trying too hard to sound almost industrial strength in places, the track is both hard on the ears and hard to like. You get the feeling that it might have made a good acoustic song, although it’s clear that Fighting With Wire have no intention of slowing things down at all.

Overall, this single is one that leaves you with a distinct impression of a band who could do better. The lead track is impressive enough to generate an interest in the band, but future releases will determine whether or not they’re going to consolidate themselves as a mainstay of the British rock scene. If they succeed, there is a gaping Million Dead shaped hole just waiting to be filled - and on the strength of this single I wouldn’t want to bet against Fighting with Wire being the band to do it.

Rating: 7/10
Website: www.fightingwithwire.co.uk