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The Lodger - Watching/Not So Fast

Reviewed by Andreas on 25th October 2005

A great many good things have come out of Leeds lately, and The Lodger hope to be another one of these things.

A 3-piece who opened for The Cribs and Kaiser Chiefs in 2004, The Lodger play guitar-driven pop. The two tracks on this little single are both quite pleasant, but sadly lacks a bit.

"Watching" is quite fast paced, and features some interesting guitar work, but is let down by an uninspired vocal performance. It might even be a bit off-key here and there. It's like the vocalist actually doesn't care about what he's doing!

"Not So Fast" is a bit like the Stereophonics, so we won't really mention that.

The Lodger play pleasant, average music. Nice on a sunny day.

Rating: 5/10
Website: www.thelodger.net